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Young the Giant at Firefly Festival

young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-41 The Woodlands, Dover, DE, 6.20.2014 – Photos of Alt Rock band Young the Giant at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE on June 20, 2014.

young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-1 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-2 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-3 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-4 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-5 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-6 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-7 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-8 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-9 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-10 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-11 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-12 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-13 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-14 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-15 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-16 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-17 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-18 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-19 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-20 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-21 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-22 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-23 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-24 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-25 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-26 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-27 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-28 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-29 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-30 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-31 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-32 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-33 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-34 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-35 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-36 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-37 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-38 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-39 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-40 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-41 young-the-giant-at-firefly-festival-2014-42 I have had the pleasure of shooting Young the Giant 6 times now, spanning from when they were breaking in and supporting Incubus to headlining Hammerstein Ballroom, and I suspect there are more unfinished parts to this story.  Having shot them at Firefly in 2012, it was awesome to see the difference in their presence at the festival.  There were more than 40,000 people watching this band, and it was so great to see.

This band has a great way of making special moments happen,  From their first appearance on the MTV Video Awards to Bonaroo in 2013, and now Firefly 2014, if you saw it, you were going to talk about it for a long time after.  On this day, their tour manager stepped up to play some guitar and drew chants of STU-S-A in support.  And when the finale of “My Body” hit its stride, 20 people watching from side stage formed a giant dance party.

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