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Made in America Festival Day 1


Philadelphia, PA, 7.30.2014 – Photos of Day 1 at Budweiser’s Made in America Festival including headliner Kanye West, The National, The Neighbourhood, City and Colour, Big Daddy Kane, BAS, The OBGMs, Chromeo and Steve Aoki.  Philadelphia Edition.


made-in-america-day-1-papeo-1 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-2 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-3 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-4 BAS

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-5 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-6 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-7The Neighbourhood

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-8 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-9 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-10 Big Daddy Kane

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-11 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-12 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-13 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-14 Chromeo

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-15 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-16 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-17 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-18 City and Colour

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-19 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-20 J. Cole

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-21 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-22 The National

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-23 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-24 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-25 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-26 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-27 Steve Aoki

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-28 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-29 Kanye West

made-in-america-day-1-papeo-30 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-31 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-32 made-in-america-day-1-papeo-34

This was the second time I covered Made in America Festival, the first being the inaugural one in 2012.  I skipped 2013 but was excited to be back this year with Kanye headlining figuring this might be one of the few chances I get to shoot him.  But it was like taking Kate Beckinsale to a cocktail party on your one and only date, and she wore a burka.  The silhouettes are what most of us ended up getting.  But towards the end of the 2 songs I decided to overexpose the shot in hopes of getting some detail in Kanye and then brought the highlights back.  Happy with what I got.

Compared to 2012, this year didn’t seem to have the same energy in terms of the bands on the line-up.  2012 we had acts like The Hives and Janelle Monae.  This time we didn’t.


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