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Paul Van Dyk at Hammerstein Ballroom

paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-3Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, 2.15.14 – Photos of legendary EDM DJ Paul Van Dyk playing a 6 hour set at a sold-out Hammerstein Ballroom on February 15, 2014.

paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-1 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-2 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-4 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-5 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-6 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-7 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-8 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-9 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-10 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-11 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-12 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-13 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-14 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-15 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-16 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-17 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-18 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-19 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-20 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-21 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-22 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-23 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-24 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-25 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-26 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-27 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-28 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-29 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-30 paul-van-dyk-at-hammerstein-31Having seen Paul Van Dyk about 50 times over the past 15 years, inside legendary clubs, outdoors in legendary parks and at venues usually reserved for rock bands, he turns any venue into his own venue.  It’s PVD that sets the mood, and no matter where you are, you just need to realize you are at a Paul Van Dyk show.

I usually like to bring flash with me to drag the shutter and create some cool shots, but even without my flash that night, I like what I came away with.  The tricky part is that even with all the great lighting, the DJ is rarely lit well at an EDM show.  And with stage access, the flash would have come in handy.  I shot between 3200 and 6400 ISO most of the night.  Paul was very elevated so the stage access was a big help.  And its important to not take advantage of the rules you are given as not to spoil it for the next time.  Go up to the booth, grab some shots, and get the heck out of there for a while.

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