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The Black Keys at Roseland Ballroom

the-black-keys-at-roseland-ballroom-12Roseland Ballroom, NYC, 1.31.2014 – The Black Keys played one of the final gigs at the historic Roseland Ballroom as part of the Citi Evening with Legends during Super Bowl week on January 31, 2014.

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So I got to cover all 3 Citi shows for Super Bowl week, with the first 2 being at the McKittrick and this holding more than 10 times the number of fans.  But having played Madison Square Garden a couple of years ago, and as a staple festival headliner since then, Roseland was a “small” venue to see them at.

We were told in advance that we would have the first 30 seconds of the first 3 songs to shoot them.  We all assumed it was a mistake and that when we showed up to the venue that would change.  We were kind of right.  When we got to the venue the first song was cut from us.  So we had 30 seconds of songs 2 and 3…a total of 60 seconds to get a set of photos.  It was a mixture of hatred and pure adrenaline rush.

With that said, this set marks my first photo in a print edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.  After well over 100 photos on the web site, I finally get one in print, and its a show that I was supposed to shoot for Spin, and a show that I walked out of mad because of the restrictions.  Lemons become lemonade my friends….

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