Music Photography by Joe Papeo

The Gala at Central Park Summerstage


Central Park, NYC, June 11, 2013 – Photos of the Gala at Central Park Summerstage featuring headliner John Legend, Marc Cohn, Suzanne Vega, Joan Osbourne, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Betty LaVette, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo, Judy Collins, Alan Toussaint and Loudon Wainright III, all backed by John Pizzarelli and the Swing Seven.

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I rarely convert my photo sets to black and white unless the lighting was terrible, but when the Central Park Summerstage Gaga is a Frank Sinatra theme, how do you not convert to black and white?  I was excited to shoot this as last year was amazing and it was a really fun shoot.  But this year we had many more restrictions.  There was really no pit for us this year and we had to stand off to the side of the stage to get our shots.  And since it was a Sinatra theme, the performers were a bit more mellow than last year’s Hendrix theme with Living Color headlining.


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