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Dave Matthews Band at PNC Bank Arts Center

dave matthews band at pnc bank arts center

PNC Bank Arts center, Holmdel, NJ, 6.6.2013 – Live music photos of Dave Matthews Band’s return to PNC Bank Arts Center after 16 years on June 6, 2013.

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Dave Matthews Band was my first photo pass back in May of 2001.  I had never shot music before and was just out in Arizona to see the show and hang out with the opening band, Soulive.  When they saw my camera rig they asked me to take some photos and gave me a pass.  I was afraid of going in the photo pit and took some fairly terrible music photos.   So this being the third time I have shot them, and the fact that Rolling Stone picked one up for their “Hottest Live Photos” section, kind of brings this is full circle for me.

I have never had ideal conditions to shoot Dave Matthews Band.  The lst time I covered them as a band, they played at the Dave Matthews Band Caravan and the stage was high, the pit was packed, and we were cut short with our shooting time.  I covered a Dave and Tim solo show when they headlined Life is Good Festival last year and now this year at PNC our “pit” was shared by fans so we couldn’t move around at all.

The lighting was fantastic.  Hard to gauge since I used an ISO at 2500 but since the 5Ds handle that iso so well I kept it there and increased my shutter speeds.  We got one energetic opening song and then 2 songs that were just okay to shoot.

Setlist from PNC Bank Arts Center on June 6, 2013 (via

Tripping Billies
Save Me @Song[2fa95b32-3c11-42d7-b495-12fc6be0a024]
Don’t Drink the Water
The Idea of You
Grey Street
Belly Belly Nice
Cry Freedom
Crash Into Me
Drive In, Drive Out
Jimi Thing

Blue Water [partial]
So Right
Ants Marching

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