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Photos: New Order at Roseland Ballroom


Roseland Ballroom, NYC, 10.18.2012 – New Order, minus the bass of Peter Hook, played the first night of 2 sold out nights at Roseland Ballroom in New York City.  Check out more of my photos of New Order by clicking through.

Playing at Roseland Ballroom, New Order was the third show in a week of bands from my childhood.  I was terribly excited to shoot New Order but once the first song started my excitement turned to disappointment.  I have never seen more objects blocking the front of a stage before.  Fans, monitors, cables, etc were littered all over the front of the stage at Roseland Ballroom.  And then the lighting.  Vary back-lit with heavy blues that made skin tones look gray.  And to add insult, when we left the pit after our 3 songs (we were told 4 but they counted the intro as one) the lighting was spectacular.  What I do not understand, is that when people see our photos they will think the whole show is like that instead of what it really will look like for the majority of the show.

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