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Sandy ruined my concert calendar: Some shots from my neighborhood

100 Miles North of the Eye, Nutley, NJ, 10.30.2012 – Hurricane Sandy, at the end of their east coast tour, made a series of stops in New Jersey, literally tearing the roof and bringing the house down in some places.  Wait, I’m sorry, just a habit when I write these intros to photo sets.  While saying Hurricane Sandy ruined my concert calendar, I am not minimizing what really went on around me.  I know that the Blue Oyster Cult 40th Anniversary show will be rescheduled as well as Deftones tonight.  And yeah I will be disappointed if I don’t get to see the great group of people in Grouplove on Friday, but this area is a mess and people are going through things you don’t anyone to ever go through.

But I had to get out of the house a bit so I drove around Nutley, NJ to see what type of storm damage was actually done.  We didn’t get hit that badly, but not badly doesn’t mean free and clear.  Here are a few photos from around town.  Nothing award winning but just some to document what happened.

The largest playground in Nutley

Homes around town

Area around town hall and the library

Transformer fire on Washington Ave

Those close to the shore got hammered with water but out here in these old suburbs it was trees that caused all the damage.


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  1. Amy Miller-Harding says:

    Ummmm….the people standing under the hanging power lines….not the brightest. And ugh….the tree held up by power lines looming over that car? Why the heck would they just leave the car there? So sad to see these pics….especially of the house destroyed. 🙁

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