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Photos: Rush at Prudential Center

Prudential Center, Newark, NJ, 10.20.2012 – Rush, the band with the label “Greatest Band not to be in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame” showed a sold-out Prudential Center in Newark that not being in the Hall doesn’t mean they aren’t legends.  The 3 piece brought in a string section for their second set and their stage was adorned with a brain in formaldehyde and a working popcorn machine.   Check out my photos of Rush from Prudential Center.


Rush was a bit of an unknown before I went in to shoot them at Prudential.  Not the music obviously, but why we were being allowed to shoot the first 2 songs of the second set.  When we arrived at Prudential we were told there would be a string section for set 2 which is why Rush had us shoot then.  Lighting was surprisingly spotty; at times beautiful and at other times dark.  Being careful to not get caught set for one of the other was a challenge.  This was typical Prudential stage height and we were warned numerous times there was a camera on a track at the end of the stage we needed to be careful of.  Yet I don’t remember even seeing it.

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