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Life is Good Festival. Donate a Few Bucks. Help Kids. Maybe Win a Prize.

This year I will be covering the Life is Good Festival in Canton, MA, a 2 day festival headlined by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds with acts like Michael Franti, Soulive, Trombone Shorty, Sharon Jones, and Sara Barielles, among others.  As part of the festival, all money is donated to children’s charities.  As a participant, they ask that people try and raise some money to help these charities as well.

So I am trying to do my part.  And I am asking you guys to help.  If it wasn’t enough to just feel great about donating a few dollars to children’s charities, I am going to donate some prizes in the form of a raffle.  Click through to learn more.

For every $10 donation:

  • One entry to a drawing  for an 11 x 14 print, signed and numbered

if the total number of donations exceed $500, a 16 x 20 print will be substituted for the 11 x 14 

For every $50 donation:

  • One entry into a drawing for a 1 hour portrait session “in my backyard” ($350 value)
  •  3 8 x 10 prints from the session
  • 3 entries into the drawing for the print

For Every $100 donation:

  • Your choice of almost any 11 x 14 print in the gallery, signed and numbered.
  • 1 entry into the drawing for a portrait mini-session

For every $500 donation

  • A portrait mini session including 3 8 x 10s from your session
  • Your choice of almost any 11 x 14 print in the gallery, signed and numbered.

Maybe I can guilt you into a donation?

  • Have I ever helped you with photography questions?
  • Have I ever helped you make an electronics purchase?
  • Have I ever rescued your cat from a tree?
  • Do you enjoy looking at my photos?
  • Are you a past client?
  • Do you like children?
  • Have I ever purchased Girl Scout Cookies from your child?
  • Did you ever reject me when I wanted a kiss in High School?

Did that work?  Yes?  Good.

So what do I get out of it?

  • If I raise $500 I get some special privileges at the event including air conditioned bathrooms, non-alcoholic drinks, a chill zone, and a massage station.  Covering these events with 30+ pounds of equipment gets tough so this would be a huge help!

How do you enter?

Please click the link below to make your donation.  I will then get a notification that you have made a donation with the amount.

And thank you in advance for your generous donation!  It’s for the children!


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