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Photos: The Cure at The Beacon Theatre 11.26.11

The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, 11.26.11 – On the middle night of a 3 night run of a very mini-tour which brought The Cure to New York City and LA, the Beacon Theatre was treated to 3 hours and 48 songs of music.  The tour was called Reflections, and the band played their first 3 albums in their entirety, and ended with an additional 3 encores that included some of the bigger songs they ever recorded.

God I love seeing a show at The Beacon.  God I hate shooting a show at The Beacon.  I was ss psyched to shoot one of my all time favorite bands and this was not a very fun shoot.  You can shoot from the side aisles only, and everyone is standing.  If you haven’t met me I will tell you that most adult males are taller than I am.  Add to that that everyone has to hold up their iPhones to get terrible cell phone pictures and my shooting options are limited.  Lighting was horrible.  The venue was super dark until, yes, you guessed it, after our 3 allotted songs where the lighting was then glorious.  I really wonder if the bands think they are doing us a favor with the moody lighting or if they just dont want to exposure their age to the expensive camera equipment.

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