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Photos: Anthrax’s Secret Show at The Best Buy Theater 9.12.11

Best Buy Theater, Times Square, NYC, 9.12.11 – 30 years of being at the forefront of the thrash metal scene, their first new album in 9 years, the return of singer Joey Belladonna and an impending hometown show with the Big 4 at Yankee Stadium were all reasons to celebrate for Anthrax.  Bands go on the road and play show after show, and while each show may be a bit different, none had the party feel that this Anthrax show did.  The crowd was like a whose who of metal royalty with friends from Slayer, Megadeth and Dream Theatre all in attendance.  If you kept your eyes opened you were able to catch a glimpse of Slash or Zakk Wylde.  This was a free show for those fans who pre-ordered the next Anthrax album and those fans were given a treat I am sure they will soon not forget.

I waited to get into the pit with about 6 other photographers.  Once in, I picked a spot and got myself ready and when I turned around, there must have been 20 photographers shooting with me.  We got through to about 30 seconds in to the 3rd song when we were kicked out of the pit due to the crowd surfers.  Luckily, they allowed us to shoot from the venue so I walked around a bit looking for places to shoot from.  In between I had a chance to walk outside and cool off and just as I do Slash walks out.  I asked him to stop for a photo and he literally did just that; stopped in his tracks to let me grab this photo above.  There are a bunch more photos in the slideshow below.

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