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Trey Songz at Izod Center

trey-songz-at-izod-center-1Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ, 2.21.2014 – Photos of RnB artist Trey Songz opening for Chris Brown on the “Between the Sheets” tour at Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ on February 21, 2014.

trey-songz-at-izod-center-2 trey-songz-at-izod-center-3 trey-songz-at-izod-center-4 trey-songz-at-izod-center-5 trey-songz-at-izod-center-6 trey-songz-at-izod-center-7 trey-songz-at-izod-center-8 trey-songz-at-izod-center-9 trey-songz-at-izod-center-10 trey-songz-at-izod-center-11 trey-songz-at-izod-center-12 trey-songz-at-izod-center-13 trey-songz-at-izod-center-14 trey-songz-at-izod-center-15 trey-songz-at-izod-center-16 trey-songz-at-izod-center-17 trey-songz-at-izod-center-18 trey-songz-at-izod-center-19 trey-songz-at-izod-center-20 trey-songz-at-izod-center-21 trey-songz-at-izod-center-22 trey-songz-at-izod-center-23 trey-songz-at-izod-center-24 trey-songz-at-izod-center-25 trey-songz-at-izod-center-26 trey-songz-at-izod-center-27 Not knowing much about Trey Songz before I went to cover this show, his first impression on me was made as he rose out from the floor through a haze of smoke in a faux fur vest and sunglasses.  With my roots in Italian American NY I felt like I was at a wedding in Queens.  2 points if you can name the place I mean.  Anyway, once those sunglasses came off it was like he became a lot more accessible.  His lighting was brilliant and he moved around the stage enough to give us some good opportunities to shoot him.  I could have shot this show at ISO 800 and been fine.  Maybe even 400.  But I would rather up the ISO in order to kick up my f-stop to get a little more in focus.

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