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2014 My Year in Photos

best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-2 Nutley, NJ, 1.20.2014 – I never know what to call these posts that wrap up my year.  And I think I talk about this every year.  I always hate calling it a “best of” since that is subjective.  So here is my year in review, in photos.  Some of my favorite images from concerts I have been blessed to shoot this year.  Artists including Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Outkast, Cage the Elephant, Young the Giant, Pitbull, and many more.  So check them out and let me know what you think.  Looking forward to 2015….

best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-1 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-2 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-3


best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-4 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-5 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-6 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-7 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-8 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-9 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-10 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-11best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-12best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-13best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-14best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-15best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-16best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-17best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-18best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-19best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-20best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-21best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-1best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-2best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-3best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-4best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-5 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-6 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-7 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-8 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-9 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-10best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22-11 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-22 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-23 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-24 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-25 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-40-1 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-40-2best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-26best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-27 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-28 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-29 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-30 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-31 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-32 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-33 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-34 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-35 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-36 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-37 best-of-2014-irocktheshot-papeo-38

So yeah, I look back in my own year in awe.  I got to shoot some pretty darn cool stuff.  I continued getting assignments from Rolling Stone and Spin.  I was the head photographer at Firefly Music Festival, a festival I have been shooting since their first year and have watched it grow into my favorite weekend of the year. I shot a ton of shows surrounding the Super Bowl.  I got to shoot (and see) one of my all time favorite bands in The Replacements.

But most of all, what you don’t see in these images, is I got to do it with a bunch of people who I really like and truly respect.  And I got to meet some new people to make some new memories in the future.

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Equipment all year:
Canon 5D Mark IIICanon 6D
Canon EF 16-35 Mark IICanon EF 24-70mm f/2.8LCanon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L II IS

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