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Bleachers at Firefly Music Festival

bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-6 The Woodlands, Dover, DE, 6.20.2014 – Photos of Jack Antonoff’s band Bleachers on Day 2 at Firefly Music Festival on June 20, 2014.

bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-1 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-2 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-3 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-4 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-5 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-7 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-8 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-9 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-10 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-11 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-12 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-13 bleachers-at-firefly-music-festival-14 With trying to balance my heavy workload at Firefly this year, getting to all the stages I wanted to in time became difficult.  Bleachers fell victim of this.  They were playing the main stage and by the time I traveled across the grounds I missed their first 3.  While I love shooting from the stage, you get less opportunities for stuff you like to build a whole set with.  So this set is Bleachers, completely from the stage.  I would have a chance at the end of the summer to cover them again, this time at Made in America Festival completely from the photo pit.

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