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Cage the Elephant at Terminal 5

cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-13 Terminal 5, NYC, 5.6.2014 – Photos of Alt Rock band Cage the Elephant co-headlining with Foals at Terminal 5 in New York City on May 6, 2014.

cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-1 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-2 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-3 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-4 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-5 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-6 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-7 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-8 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-9 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-10 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-11 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-12 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-14 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-15 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-16 cage-the-elephant-at-terminal-5-17 Cage the Elephant + Foals + J Roddy Walston and the Business is such a kick-ass triple line-up and I was looking forward to this since they announced it.  Cage’s lighting was better than when I covered them at House of Blues in Atlantic City, and won’t compare to their outdoor set at Orion Festival.  Still could have used some more front lighting but their stage set-up is great, and of course you get some great action.

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