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Imagine Dragons at Izod Center

imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-4 Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ 3.8.2014 – Imagine Dragons played a sold out Izod Center in continuation of their torrid touring schedule over the past 2 years on March 8, 2014.

imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-1 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-2 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-3 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-5 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-6 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-7 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-8 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-9 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-10imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-11 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-12 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-13 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-14 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-15 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-16 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-17 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-18 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-19 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-20imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-21 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-22 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-23 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-24 imagine-dragons-at-izod-center-25I feel like I’ve watched these guys grow up in the last 2 years.  They were barely known when I covered my first Firefly Music Festival, then I saw them at Irving Plaza, Roseland Ballroom and now headlining the Izod Center in front of 16,000 people.  Their set-up remains very similar, just a way larger scale.

Shooting this time involved a catwalk of sorts, or a stage extension, and Dan was literally all over the entire stage including side stage during the first 3 songs.  Lighting was cool to look at but odd to shoot at times with heavy blues and magentas and darkness over members of the band.  There was also lots of objects on stage to shoot around and you had to hope you were in the right place at the right time and make due if you weren’t.

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