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Band of Horses at The McKittrick Hotel

band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-8The McKittrick Hotel, NYC, 1.30.2014 – Photos of American rock band Band of Horses playing The McKittrick Hotel as part of the Citi Evening with Legends on January 30, 2014.

band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-1 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-2 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-3 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-4 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-5 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-6 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-7 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-9 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-10 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-11 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-12 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-13 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-14 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-15 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-16 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-17 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-18 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-19 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-20 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-21 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-22 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-23 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-24 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-25 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-26 band-of-horses-at-mckittrick-hotel-papeo-27 These concerts presented by Citi Presents Evenings with Legends were a really cool, different stretch of shows for me and a great way to spend Super Bowl week.  I have covered band of horses a couple of times in the past, but they have been full band sets with electric instruments.  This was an acoustic show from a band that hadn’t played live in a quite a while.  Very cool vibe to the show.

I got to the venue early expecting the same set-up as the prior night with table set up like a club, but it turned out to be a general admission show with no photo pit so thankfully I got there early enough to get a good spot up front.  Lighting was horrific for this show as I was, at times, shooting at ISO 16,000.  That’s not a typo.

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