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Metallica at the Apollo Theatre

metallica-at-the-apollo-theatre-13Apollo Theatre, Harlem, NY, 9.21.2013 – Photos of the legendary Heavy Metal band Metallica at the legendary Apollo Theatre for SiriusXM Radio’s special subscriber event in Harlem, NY on September 21, 2013.

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Joe Papeo Photo metallica-at-the-apollo-theatre-31 Joe Papeo Photo metallica-at-the-apollo-theatre-33 Joe Papeo Photo metallica-at-the-apollo-theatre-36 metallica-at-the-apollo-theatre-37


When I heard Metallica was playing the Apollo Theatre I hoped to get a chance to cover this.  One of the most legendary heavy metal bands playing the Apollo Theatre that holds under 1,300 people.  This was my second time covering Metallica, the first being back to back nights at Orion Festival for Rolling Stone.  Talk about the antithesis.  Huge stage, massive pyro and 50,000 people versus the small stage and intimate venue of the Apollo and shooting for Spin.

Orion was a pit shoot with a 10’+ stage and this was a soundboard shoot, albeit from a short distance, but with all the heads of the fans that didn’t sit down for 2 hours to contend with.  I always love being a part of history, or at least being able to capture it.


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