Music Photography by Joe Papeo

Empire of the Sun at Pier 26 Hudson River Park

empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-4Pier 26, Hudson River Park, NYC, 9.5.2013 – Photos of Empire of the Sun at Pier 26 in Hudson River Park on September 5, 2013. empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-1   empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-2 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-3 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-5 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-6 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-7 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-8 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-9 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-10   empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-11 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-12 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-13 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-14 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-15 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-16 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-17 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-18 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-19 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-20 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-21 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-23 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-24 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-25 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-26 empire-of-the-sun-at-pier-26-27   I couldn’t wait to shoot the visual delight of Empire of the Sun at Pier 26 last night.  Crazy costumes, dancers, lights, props….it is a photographers dream.  The lighting was cool, but half the set was heavy magenta and the extreme use of smoke killed some shots that would have been spectacular.  You take the bad with the good though and even though we got kicked out of the pit after 2 songs, their publicist insisted to security we be allowed back in.  I shot this with an ultra wide on one body and a 70-200 on another. Check out Slide Show Below:

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