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The Gaslight Anthem at Hudson River Park Pier 26



Hudson River Park, NYC, July 26, 2013 – Photos of night one of The Gaslight Anthem at Hudson River Park Pier 26 in NYC on July 26, 2013.

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My 8th or 9th time covering The Gaslight Anthem and I’ll continue to do so at every chance.  These shows are one of the few I stay for as I play the role of “Fantographer” at these shows.  They are just so good live.

The setting at Pier 26 was a beautiful one.  This was the first of the weekend show for them at the venue and the first of 3 weekend shows in New York City.  As they took the stage at 8pm, the sun was behind them so it actually allowed the lighting on stage to take effect instead of having that daytime feel.  I got 2 extra songs in the pit by myself tonight which allowed me to get that lead photo of Brian, the skyline and the crowd surfer with any obstacles.

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