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Holiday Print Sale

It’s December 12th and you have no idea what to get someone for the holidays.  A print makes a kick ass gift.  Way better than a shirt from The Gap.  A large print either framed or printed on metal is the gift that people remember every time they look at it.  Click through for more info.

Your husband doesn’t want a Dremel.  Or a CD.  Or a jacket from Macys.  Your wife doesn’t want another pair of slippers.  Or a sweater from the Gap.  Or another pair of boots.  Okay, maybe she wants another pair of boots.  So does mine.

But why not give him or her something totally unique this holiday?

A large print to hang on a wall is something that can last a lifetime and something that does not go out of style.  Every time they look at that print they are reminded of how thoughtful you were on that holiday.

25% off all prints and products.  This coupon is good through the end of the year.


Just copy and paste the code after you make your selections on the order page.  Speaking of which….

This is the direct link to the archive where you can order prints from:

Not all prints are available for purchase.  If you see one you like but can not order send me a message through the contact form and I will tell you why.

Black and white prints must be printed black and white.  Color prints must be printed in color.  But if you see a color print with vibrant, saturated colors, consider ordering it on metallic paper.  It is beautiful and unique.

*Some prints may not allow you to order at a very large size.  Sometimes I just don’t upload large enough files.  If you get this error message, email me and I will upload the proper size.


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