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Black Friday Print Sale

Holiday presents are a way to spread cheer and show someone you love them.  Would you rather show your love with a Dremel?  Or would you rather give them a print of their favorite musician to hang in their office?

This weekend, through Sunday at 11:59pm, you can pick up most any print from my collection at the biggest discount I have ever offered.  This is my way of thanking the people that follow me and gives them a chance to hang an amazing print on their wall.  Click through for more details.

Your husband doesn’t want a Dremel.  Or a CD.  Or a jacket from Macys.  Your wife doesn’t want another pair of slippers.  Or a sweater from the Gap.  Or another pair of boots.  Okay, maybe she wants another pair of boots.  So does mine.

But why not give him or her something totally unique this holiday?

A large print to hang on a wall is something that can last a lifetime and something that does not go out of style.  Every time they look at that print they are reminded of how thoughtful you were on that holiday.

There are 2 options that are good through the end of this weekend.

Print Only – All prints are 40% off using code: RockFriday2012
This is valid on prints only and does not include framing.  The code will work if you choose to have your print framed since there is no way to exclude frames from the code.  But I do not mark up framing and would lose money if you did this.  When the order is placed, if you use this code to place the order I Will have to manually cancel it.

Framed Prints – All framed prints are 25% off using code: RockFridayFramed2012

Just copy and paste the code after you make your selections on the order page.  Speaking of which….

This is the direct link to the archive where you can order prints from:

Not all prints are available for purchase.  If you see one you like but can not order send me a message through the contact form and I will tell you why.

Black and white prints must be printed black and white.  Color prints must be printed in color.  But if you see a color print with vibrant, saturated colors, consider ordering it on metallic paper.  It is beautiful and unique.

*Some prints may not allow you to order at a very large size.  Sometimes I just don’t upload large enough files.  If you get this error messgae, email me and I will upload the proper size.

Here are a few samples of prints:

There are obviously a ton more in the archives.  Check them out.

And while you are doing your Black Friday shopping, if you are spending money on Amazon, please help support my site by using the link on the right to click through to Amazon.  You get the same low prices you normally get, and I get a small referral credit to help support the site.

Happy Holidays!

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