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Photos: Young the Giant at Firefly Festival

The Woodlands, Dover, DE, 7.21.12 – Young the Giant has enjoyed a meteoric rise to success this past year and that evidence continued at Firefly Music Festival with a mid-day set on the main stage.  The set included the typical great energy from the LA band with some new material sprinkled in with the tracks from their 2011 self titled album, Young the Giant.  The highlight from the set came during the closer, My Body, when members of Grouplove and Walk the Moon, watching the set from the side stage, stormed out to join the band during the last chorus.

Young the Giant is without a doubt one of my favorite current bands, so to have a chance to shoot these guys for their whole set, including stage access, was a ton of fun.  The main stage at Firefly Festival had a very boring background that was solid black.  So between that and the fact that it was a daytime shoot without stage lights that had any impact, it misses some interesting elements.  I ended up shooting from the pit for most of the set anyway, and was happy o be there to exclusively capture one of the most fun events in my recent shooting when Grouplove and Walk the Moon stormed the stage during “My Body”.  No one else will have coverage of that from Firefly.

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