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Photos: Grouplove played Firefly Music Festival

The Woodlands, Dover, DE, 7.21.12 – Grouplove played a mid-day set on the Lawn Stage at Firefly Music Festival.  Their set was infectious.  Catchy hooks with just enough of that unique sound to make them stand out.  Everyone plays a lead role in Grouplove and no one minds.  And yeah, they can all carry the lead strong.  Check out my photos of Grouplove, including some back stage candids with Walk the Moon and Young the Giant, and a portrait which may be one of my all time favorite portraits.

One of my favorite sets to shoot at Firefly was Grouplove, hands down.  These guys (and girl) have a ton of energy on stage and give you plenty of opportunities to get shots you need.  I had full set access so I was lucky enough to spend some extra time in the pit for them.  We met up earlier in the day to do a band portrait.  Usually band portraits at festivals are boring, but not this one at Firefly Music Festival.  Grouplove was up for anything and became my creative partner helping me make the best of the space and time we had.  I also spent some time with them back stage, pre-set and they are just an awesome group of people, living up to their name, Grouplove.

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  1. They were one of my favorites to shoot that weekend too! Nice meeting you there 🙂

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