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Photos: Walk the Moon at Firefly Music Festival

The Woodlands, Dover, DE, 7.20.2012 – I’m not sure Walk the Moon or most of the fans knew what to expect when they showed up for their set on day 1 of Firefly Music Festival this past weekend, but I think both got a pleasant surprise.  I spent some time with Walk the Moon leading up to their set and it seemed like business as usual.  They ran through their normal routines including going out to the crowd to paint the faces of their loyal fans before their set.  What happened once they took the stage was festival magic.  Not only were their loyal fans treated to a typical great set, but festival goers who may not have known much about Walk the Moon were obviously enamored by the band.  They reacted to every clap, hand sway and were singing along to songs they might not have even known before they got to Firefly.  Decent bands will play a festival and pick up a few more followers; Walk the Moon won over 20,000 people in a little more than 60 minutes.

I was excited for Walk the Moon at Firefly since every time I see them it is indoors with tough lighting.  Lighting at the Firefly Festival was definitely better, but it was still a ton of magenta lights that make it rough on the sensor.  There are a lot of photos in this set but I spent a lot of time with Walk the Moon before their show and I wanted to capture their energy as best I could.  Normally you shoot 3 songs and that’s it.  I shot the entire set.  Even being selective with what you shoot, the photos really add up.

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