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Photos: Metallica at Orion Music + More – Day 1

Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ 6.23.2012 – Metallica, headlining their inaugural Orion Music + More festival at Atlantic City’s Bader Field, headlined day 1 with Ride the Lightning in its entirety.  Click through the check out the pics from their nearly 2 1/2 hour closing set.

With 4 stages at Orion Music + More, Metallica obviously played the main stage which happened to be 8’+ high.  I made the mistake of not bringing a step stool although I am not sure they would have let me use it.  The problem was if the band wasn’t up against the front of the stage, you weren’t properly getting them.  If you know me, you know I am not tall and I have seen other sets would photographers didn’t have the same problem.  Lars was set back and any shots I got was the top of his head.  Rob Trujillo came to the front of the stage a bit but mainly to make his way onto the cat walk.

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