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Photos: Letlive at Orion Music + More Festival

Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ, 6.23.12 – Before heading out to Orion Music + More Festival I went over the line-up with my editor at Rolling Stone to see what bands they wanted coverage of.  Orion did a great job with trying to not overlap sets too much but at festivals this always happens.  So knowing which bands your publication wants coverage of is obviously important.  Letlive was not on their “must cover” list but a friend of mine and fellow photographer told me they were.  So I made sure to head over to their stage to catch their set.  This post-hardcore band puts on an amazing show.  Lead singer Jason Butler spent his time up in the rafters, down in the crowd and out in the festival.  Epic.

Not much to say that I didn’t say already.  Letlive just kicked ass with their live performance.  The hardest part of this shoot was not knowing what was coming next.  Heck, if I didn’t go in blind I would have had even better stuff, and I already like this set.  But when you just keep asking yourself “Is he really doing that?”, it slows down response time a bit.  This was also the 2nd time in about 12 hours where I almost got taken out by a mic cord.  I am getting a bit quicker I think.

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