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Photos: Alison Krauss & Union Station at The Wellmont

The Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, NJ, 4.22.12 – Grammy award winning performer Alison Krauss, with her band Union Station, brought their bluegrass tour to The Wellmont Theatre to perform in front of a sold out crowd.  Check out the rest of the pics by clicking through the break.

Photographers run into so many different experiences when shooting shows over the years.  You can tell when performers like having photographers and you can tell when they don’t.  I may be reading this wrong but Alison Krauss falls into the latter.  This was an odd shoot to say the least.  There were 2 photographers at the show; myself, shooting directly for The Wellmont, and a newspaper photographer.  And I know some of my colleagues were trying to cover this show with no response from their people.

We were given the rules when we checked in; we were allowed to shoot songs 2 and 3 but only from the soundboard.  Usually we are told this in advance so we can go prepared with the right equipment, but not tonight at The Wellmont.  And sometimes we are given specific songs (like 2 and 3) due to something that may be happening during the show.  But nothing happened.  Song 1, which we weren’t allowed to shoot, had Alison fronting her band and singing.  Song 2 was sung by her bandmate Dan Tyminski, and song 3 was completely instrumental.  So yeah, we didnt actually get to take pics of Alison actually singing.  Makes sense to me too.  Song 2 the lighting was designed to highlight Dan, but keep Alison Krauss completely in the dark, also preventing us from grabbing pictures of her.

While artists never seem to amaze me, it just strikes me as being strange that someone like Alison Krauss would manipulate her set in order to give the smallest opportunity for photographers to get good photos of her.  The open market for Alison Krauss photos is slightly larger than the market for Joe Papeo photos.  The difference is Alison is in a field where exposure in the press, from a good photographer, can only help and never hurt.

So please enjoy the total set of 12 photos, 4 of which feature the main performer, Alison Krauss, and the rest which feature her excellent band, Union Station.

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