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Photos: Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives at Terminal 5 3.18.12

Terminal 5, NYC, 3.18.12 – Drew Grow & The Pastor’s Wives made their first NYC appearance opening for The Head and The Heart at Terminal 5 last Sunday.  I knew absolutely nothing about these guys before I walked into the venue, and I think many fans in attendance were in the same boat as I was.  I ended up liking their performance more than the headliner.  They were full of energy and put on a great show.  They really gave the appearance of being a family band, but from reading about them afterwards, Drew Grow doesn’t seem to have been together for that long.  Whatever the case was, they did something right.  Definitely a fun performance to shoot and I hope the pics reflect that.

I was so glad I got to shoot Drew Grow especially since I knew nothing about them.  They had a bit of an eccentric personality and really treated the set like they were the headliner.  We got to shoot the entire set and most photographers exited the photo pit about halfway through.  But buy did they miss out.  They left before the cymbals started flying around the stage and their guitarist decided to showcase his ability to play his guitar with his mouth.  The lighting was terrible but when the band if fun and gives you something to work with you forget about the lighting soon enough.

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  1. I knew it all the time! They rock all the way from Portland Oregone!

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