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Holiday Print Sale

Young the Giant

It struck me due to a few comments on my site that people do not realize that most of my photos are for sale.  I say most as some bands do not allow me to sell photos.  If I am not allowed to sell those photos, the option to buy won’t be on the page.

As a male in my 30s, I know how tough it is for people to buy me gifts for my birthday or the holidays.  Usually if I want something I just buy it.  So if you are trying to figure out what to get for the guy that has everything, why not a nice print of their favorite artist to hang in their office or man-room?

2 Holiday Specials:

1- code: holiday2011 for 20% off through December 31

2- Holiday tree ornaments for $25 (before coupon) – see the bottom of the page

Prints are like televisions; when you are buying it you think what you bought seems so big.  And when you put it on the wall you realize it isn’t.  So print big when buying photographs.  Also, matte your photos.  A photos in a frame with no matte looks a little bare.  The matte will “frame” the image much better than the frame will.  Black matte’s are my suggestion to make the photo pop.  A white matte with a black inside border is another option to give some pop and allow a little contrast between a photo and a black frame.

When ordering from my site there is an option to have the photo framed.  Do I suggest you frame it through my site?  Sometimes.  Its a bit expensive, relative to what you will pay for a frame at a chain store like Michaels.  Yes the quality will be a little better.  Who do I suggest buy framed prints?  Those who do not want to be bothered with framing.

Deadlines for prints would be December 21st for holiday delivery.  Yes, my printer will print it fast and ship it next day.  But I would really suggest December 15th to ensure holiday delivery with no worries.

From now through December 31st (in case your man wants to buy the one you didn’t get him after opening his Christmas presents) you can use code holiday2011 to receive 20% off your print order through my web site.  The code will apply to prints only and not to mattes, frames, or any additioanl add-ons.

Direct Link:

All print orders are sent to me upon order so I can approve the order and make sure they are cropped properly.  There is also an option to send me the photo first so I can sign and number it.  If you order with enough time,  I will elect to do that and it will add 2 extra days to processing.

Some Suggestions:

Print on Metallic

Color and contrast in a photo will print well on metallic paper.  Here are a few prints that look great printed this way:

Elvis Costello

Dave Matthews Band

Flaming Lips

And some suggestions for what to print by genre:



Judas Priest







Counting Crows

Classic Rock

Roger Waters


Foster the People


There are a ton more photo options available in the galleries.  You can always email me with questions or for a recommendation.

One additional product that I am making available only through the end of the year is the tree ornament.  It is just under 4″ across and round and you can pick your favorite photo to use.  Great gift item that I do not make available year round.  These must be ordered by December 18th for Christmas delivery.  Here is what the template looks like:

Please help support the site buy buying from Amazon or Adorama  through the link on the right.  There is no extra cost to you and I receive a small credit for clicking through my site.

Check out the slide show below for some more ideas.

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