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Review: My New Broken Record Vinyl Collection Cuff Bracelet

Back in May I was in Vegas for the ump-teenth time and made my way into the store at the Hard Rock Hotel.  There in the back I saw they had this very unique product they were selling.  It was a cuff-style bracelet in leather with carefully cut pieces of a vinyl LP stitched to it.  The label from the LP was strategically placed where the face of a watch would be.  All of the bracelets they offered were classic rock, and the one that caught my eye was a Beatles Abbey Road LP.  After he makes the bracelet, he takes the sleeve from the vinyl and turns it into the box to ship, store or gift the bracelet in.  I really thought this was creatively genius.

But I put it down.  I didn’t want to make an impulse purchase and I think I just lost a few bucks playing blackjack, which I swore off playing ever again…about 10 times.

I couldn’t get this thing out of my head.  I mean, I’m a rock photographer, and I’m always looking for something cool to add to the “uniform”.  So I finally decided I was going to hunt this down and get myself one.  My buddy George was going to be in Vegas and I figured I would have him bring it back for me.  So I called the Hard Rock to find out that the Beatles bracelets were all sold out and they had no idea when more would be back in.  These were custom made by hand and the artist never really told them when he would send new shipments.  So I asked for his name and began phase 2 of my hunt.

I shot an email off to the creator, Jesse Amaya, who promptly got back to me.  Turns out he hunts down LPs that are unplayable in order to turn them into these bracelets.  And he happened to have a couple of copies of Abbey Road with different labels.  So we agreed on a version and by the next morning it was on the truck headed for NJ.

Now the even cooler part of this is he will turn ANY LP into a bracelet, or even a belt.  And he designs them in 2 versions; the regular version with exposed stitching, and the special edition with metal rivets.  My regular edition Abbey Road came today and I am as extremely happy with my bracelet.  The 4 month wait was worth it and maybe it actually added to my appreciation of the bracelet.

I don’t know if this was Jesse’s idea, but its a brilliant creative idea none-the-less.  And the fact that these are hand-made adds to it.  While these aren’t cheap, I actually want to pay Jesse more than the $65-80 these cost because it is that cool and unique.  I kind of wish I had my own band so I could have my own LP turned into one of these.


Photos from the site:

Special Edition



Jesse Amaya

Tell Jesse I sent you.  I make nothing for this or get anything in return but I like to support artists in the community who are doing something creative.  If you pick one up, let me know!  And let me know which you got.  Email me or post it here in the comment section.

Jesse will let you know what he has in stock or you can put in a special request.  I highly suggest these as a super cool gift!


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5 Responses to “Review: My New Broken Record Vinyl Collection Cuff Bracelet”

  1. heidi kruz says:

    great story and similar to how i got one when i went to vegas. just dropped the artist an email and hope to get a rolling stones one.

  2. Vox says:

    OMG! This is RIGHTEOUS! I DEFINITELY going to get one for my husband! He loves iconic jewelry. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  3. Lorin Carpenter says:

    Were on our way to Vail to pick one of these up! Saw them earlier in the week and can't stop thinking about how cool they are!

  4. Briana Bush says:

    These cuff bracelets are awesome! I totally want one…someday. ;p

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