Music Photography by Joe Papeo

Photos: Lykke Li at The Wellmont Theatre

The Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, NJ 11.17.11 – There are some performers who are just amazingly talented but don’t have a great connection to the audience when on stage.  But you go enjoy their live show anyway just to witness the talent.  Then their are performers who just know how to connect with the crowd, even if they aren’t the most talented.  They rely on their stage presence and put on a great show with some flaws.  Lykke Li is one of those acts that manages to blur that line and bridge the gap between the 2.  There’s nothing spectacular about her stage show.  It’s good, but its not meant to hide any flaws.  But her connection with both her music and her crowd is extraordinary.  And the raw emotion she puts into her performance makes you feel like you were up on stage, by her side.  Touring in support of her latest release, Wounder Rhymes, she made her presence know to the Wellmont Theatre.


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