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Photos: Hannah Banana Foundation Rocks the Carnival

A few months ago, I was approached by a good friend who mentioned the Hannah Banana Foundation to me.  It is a foundation run by a family friend that was started to honor her mother who fought a long battle with cancer.  The goal of the foundation is to provide care packages to adult cancer patients undergoing treatment in hospitals.  While most foundations focus on children, sometimes the adults get a bit forgotten and we take for granted that adults can take care of themselves.  Hannah Banana makes sure those adults aren’t forgotten about, and attempts to raise their spirits through the hardest time of their life.

I was asked to photograph their annual gala and jumped at my chance to give a little something to this worthy cause.  Almost 300 people filled the carnival room at the Bowlmor Times Square to eat, drink, dance, play some games and celebrate the life of a lost love one and give back to those fighting the fight.

All photos are in the slideshow below.  Click play, and then hover over it and you are given a few options.  You can view the slideshow full screen, and I encourage you to do so.  You can also click through the slideshow and go to the gallery.

From the gallery you may purchase photos from the event.  All profits from photos will be donated to the Hannah Banana Foundation.  Photos are printed without the watermark and will be shipped right to your door.

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  1. Eva Grayzel says:

    Dancing is a real treat! The only time I get to do it, is at weddings and Bar-mitzvahs…. and now Hannah Banana events!

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