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Photos: Soundgarden at Prudential Center 7.8.11

Prudential Center, Newark, NJ 7.9.11 – It has been 14 years since Soundgarden toured together, and the opportunity for their fans to see them live again brought them out in thousands to Newark’s Prudential Center last Friday night.

Being a 30-something, Soundgarden is one of those bands that hit right when I was in my musical prime.  Gone were the days of being spoon-fed what the radio told me I wanted to listen to.  College, and the diverse people I met there, introduced me to bands that would truly form my musical taste for the rest of my life.  Soundgarden was one of those bands.   Their style, and Chris Cornell’s voice, didn’t only impact music I knew I liked at the time, but music I would learn to like as I got older.

But in college, the drawback of finding all of this music you love is money.  How many college kids could afford to see that many live shows?  And by the time I had that extra money to spend on live music, Soundgarden’s days of touring, and recording new music, was over.  So for me, and fans like me, here was our chance to see a band we have been waiting 14 years to see.

As a music photographer, I have made up for lost times this year.  I’ve seen Chris Cornell command his audience on 3 separate occasions in the past few months; twice on his brilliant solo tour, and now with the band that introduced me to his voice.  I’m spoiled, I know.  But I waited long enough.




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