Music Photography by Joe Papeo

My New Site!

As photographers, we have a site developed and usually just maintain what we have.  For a few years my old site turned into a mishmash of everything I have shot.  It was simple to get completely lost in it.  Visitors would stop over to check out one thing, and have no idea how to get back to where they started.

Months ago I decided I needed this to change.  But I am a photographer, not a web designer.  I toyed with many different ideas as to how to brand myself the best way possible.

Today marks the first step in a 2 step change to my branding.  I am super excited to roll out my new site focused on my music photography.  I spent months trying to come up with something catchy.  You may love it, you may hate it, but hopefully you remember the name…

I may sneak some other work on this blog-styled site, but mainly you will find accounts of my music photography posted as I shoot it.  Feel free to subscribe to get updates on new posts.  And of course, feel free to click through to my galleries to purchase images you like up on this site.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Joe Rugilio for helping in just about every aspect of design and layout of the site, including my new logo.  His patience throughout the process is greatly appreciated. is his contact info.  Be aware, you likely can’t afford him.  Heck, I couldn’t.  The things I struggled to do Joe did in minutes without thought.

So please spread the word.  Make comments.  Play around with some of the links; you may even discover the second announcement before anyone else knows about it.  Post links to your Facebook pages.  Use buttons to Tweet and even follow me on Twitter.  Any help and support from the community is greatly appreciated.

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