Music Photography by Joe Papeo

Neon Trees opening for My Chemical Romance at Terminal 5, NYC


I will say I knew not much about the Neon Trees besides their current radio hit.  This is one reason I love being a music photographer; bands like this surprise me.  One of the great stage shows of the year, Tyler Glenn is the epitome of a rock front man.

Plagued with heavy back-lighting and front lighting that ranged front bright one second to none for the next 10 seconds, they gave me a workout.  But this was still, without a doubt, one of my favorite shoots this year.  I just wish the lighting cooperated a bit more as a lot of shots were un-salvageable that would have been home runs with the right lighting.  But lighting isn’t designed to make photographers happy,  it’s designed to compliment the stage show.  And from that perspective, it was right on the mark.

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